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Florence FeldmanWelcome

The Organized Times exists to encourage, inspire and inform you. I know what it feels like to be out of order because I've been there too. Although I'm now an organizing consultant, I was once an overwhelmed mom. And I can tell you that no matter how overwhelmed you feel now, you CAN experience the peace of true order.

- Flo

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The Window of Organizing Opportunity

"Have you ever observed there are times when you are able to sort through your stuff, get rid of what you don't want, and put what you are keeping in an appropriate place without much angst? And then there are times when you can't get going no matter what you try to do.

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Free Organizing Advice

Email me your organizing problems and I will respond with solutions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

try these mini-oraginizing solutions:

Give yourself at least an hour for these projects.  You will need more than an hour if you have an extensive collection of mugs or spices or if your counter is not easily available. Do not stop until you have completed the task.


  1. Clear the counter directly under where your mugs are stored.      
  2. Remove all of your mugs from the cabinet.
  3. Wipe off the shelf.
  4. One by one take a mug and place it back on the shelf if you want to keep it or in a box or bag to give away.
  5. If the mug is chipped or cracked throw it away. If the mug is a memento but never used put it aside until you are through with the project.
  6. Put the most used mugs towards the front of the shelf. The ones used less towards the back.
  7. If you still have more mugs than you will ever need, try letting go of a few more.
  8. When your mugs are sitting happily on the shelf with room to spare you will be finished.
  9. Now about those memento mugs, ask yourself if you really want to keep them, if so, use them as pencil cups, as a vase or some other creative purpose.
  10. Now take your favorite mug off the shelf and make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy.



  1. You will need pencil and paper.
  2. Clear the counter nearest your spices.
  3. Put all of your spices on the counter.
  4. It is easiest to sort spices alphabetically.
  5. Check the expiration date and throw away all out-of-date spices. Open every container and check for bugs. If you want to replace the spice, write the name on your paper.
  6. Wipe out the space where your containers were kept and wipe each container.
  7. It will work best if you put your spices back in alphabetically order.
  8. If you are unhappy with the accessibility of your spices, you may want to look into graduated shelves or relocate your spices to a convenient drawer or spice rack.
  9. Take your list to the store and purchase the necessary spices.
  10. Put your new spices away and enjoy cooking.

If you succeeded with your mugs and/or spices, you may want to move on to your glasses, vases, and pots and pans. If you have any difficulty or questions email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A Motivating Story

My friend called me all excited. When I asked how she was, she said, "Very, very, very well." I quickly commented that that was more “verys” than I had heard from her in a very long time. She said, "I'm going through my house and getting rid of stuff and it feels WONDERFUL." I asked her to tell me about it—I just love organizing stories—and she did!

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